Tips when shopping for baby gear

Tips when shopping for baby gear (1)
Tips when shopping for baby gear

One of the most pleasant things during pregnancy is to prepare various equipment for the baby. Here are several things mothers should know before preparing the baby’s gear, let us list the baby equipment that must be prepared.Baby Clothes Equipment

Newborn clothes consist of baby clothes, long and short pants, singlets, socks, and gloves. For newborns, the style of clothing between boy and girl is not much different. Make sure to choose the soft materials, so the baby will feel comfortable wearing them. The newborn’s nails are slightly sharper, while the baby’s skin is still very thin. The glove used to prevent the baby from scratching and injuring his face and body parts. When you buy new clothes for your baby, you should pay attention to the material from the clothes. Choose comfortable materials.

It would be better if you buy a shirt with a larger size so that it can be worn longer when babies have started to grow. Also, good baby clothes should be front buttoned. This will make it easier for the mother to put on and remove the clothes. In general, shorts will be needed for morning to evening, while trousers can be used for sleeping or at night. We recommend that you do not choose too tight rubber. Given that babies experience rapid growth, the needs of baby clothes should not be bought too much during the first months.

List of baby clothes and equipment needed:

  1. Short sleeves and long sleeves
  2. Sleeveless Tops
  3. Long pants and baby shorts
  4. Short sleeve jumpsuit
  5. Long sleeve bodysuit
  6. Baby bibs, for babies while eating
  7. Inside / singlet shirts
  8. Jackets / warm clothes
  9. Socks and gloves
  10. Baby Hat
  11. Cotton fabrics for swaddles
  12. Cloth diapers or diapers specifically for newborn

Baby toiletries

  1. Baby’s bathtub
  2. Baby bath sponge
  3. Baby soaps and shampoos are top to toe wash where the mother can use as shampoo and soap at once. We recommend that you choose soap and shampoo that does not hurt in the eyes and safe ingredients
  4. Baby body lotion
  5. Diaper rash baby, the mother can use it when wearing a diaper so the baby’s skin is protected from the rash due to the use of diapers
  6. Baby oil, the mother can use to massage the baby and can also be used on the baby’s head when the baby has a crust on his head
  7. Baby towels, preferably soft and comfortable material on the baby’s skin
  8. Powder, telon oil and eucalyptus oil
  9. Waterproof pads
  10. Special baby wipes, round cotton or pads
  11. Kassa

Baby bedding

Baby bedding consists of the mattress or the baby box (optional), pillows, blankets, baby bedding (cloth that easily absorbs sweat), mosquito nets (if needed), bed linen, preferably material that is comfortable and absorbs sweat.

Baby travel equipment

When you want to travel, usually the equipment needed is:

  1. Bags with several compartments inside (helping to organize your baby’s needs).
  2. Baby carriers can use traditional or modern slings.
  3. Car seat (optional).
  4. Baby carriage (optional).
  5. Other equipment
  6. Digital thermometer
  7. Milk bottles and bottle cleaning tools
  8. Basket for dirty clothes

Savings tips for shopping for newborn babies

Mothers should save properly because there will be many other unexpected needs in the future. Here are tips for shopping for newborn baby gear.

  1. Reducing Purchases of Ordinary Items Obtained from Gifts

Generally, gifts given to newborns are baby toiletries (towels, soap, baby powder), baby carriers, baby blankets, special bags to carry baby gear, baby clothes, other equipment (gloves, socks, and shoe baby). Mothers can save money by reducing the number of lists that will be spent on items that may be given by friends or relatives.

  1. Buying multifunctional items

Baby or baby box mattresses, for example, you can look for a multifunctional one where this mattress can be used up to the little one 10 years. Or when buying a baby dining chair that can be used up to 5-6 years later as a little seat. Indeed, the expenditure will be large at the beginning but will save for the long term.

  1. Renting for non-long term use and not the main needs

Several baby needs will not be used for the long term, such as baby carriages or strollers, car seats, and baby boxes. Even, baby needs that are not primary needs such as baby bouncers, various expensive toys that can stimulate skills and intelligence. These items can be obtained by renting. There are many rental places for these needs with very good conditions as well as low prices, and guaranteed cleanliness. Besides, by renting, the mother does not need to be confused to think of a place to save when the item is no longer used. So the budget can be used for other purposes.

  1. Hunting for Discount Items

Take advantage of frugality opportunities through discounts. Because baby equipment is prepared continually, there is still plenty of time to buy when there is a discount. Mothers can hunt for items such as diapers, wet wipes, shampoos, and other equipment.

  1. Buy in large quantities or packages or the form of packages

Some supermarkets often offer promos when shopping in large quantities or also buy with large packages. For example like Baby Wipes, diapers, soap, shampoo, formula milk.

With the packages and promos provided such as toiletries packages, nail scissors packages, health packages, and other packages, mothers can save quite a lot from purchasing in the form of packages compared to unit purchases. Baby clothes can also save by buying them at wholesale shopping centers.

  1. Prepare yourself

Saving baby needs does not mean giving poor quality to children, but just need to be smarter before spending money.

  1. Budget Simulation

Talking about the budget, each store does set a different price. We recommend that you ask your family member or friend at the store that sells goods at slightly cheaper prices from other stores.

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